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Everyday shells on Omaha Beach inspire my work. Nothing special, they are abundant and ubiquitous shells. I wanted to make a statement about the beauty in all things, enjoying the every day around us.

In this world of constant emergency, ambiguity and complex change. What do we need to wake us up from the fear of the uncertainty presented to us right now?


Perhaps it's just the little things, the every day and ordinary, that remind us of what we know and gives us a sense that all is okay in the world. It grounds us,  even if we have seen it a million times.


I saw something in them that called me to put into paint.


PriceFrom $175.00
  • Limited edition prints, only 25 available
    Premium quality print on Hahnemuhle Photo Satin Cotton Rag 310gsm
    Printed at standard sizes
    Reproduction rights remain with artist
    Current turnaround for prints is 2 weeks
    Frames are not included

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