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Jules lives and paints in Matakana, New Zealand, surrounded by gorgeous land and seascapes.

Her imaginative, intimate works draw you into an evocative world of escapism, influenced by nature and personal experience.


Jules has found great success in the art world over the years and has received several awards and honours for her work.

  • B.F.A 1996

  • Finalist Telecom Art awards

  • Finalist in Walker and Hall Awards

  • Residency for 5 months at Barcelona International School of Arts, Spain

For more information or enquiries, please get in touch.


Inspired by the way beauty constantly reveals itself, as an artist I enjoy the indulgence of that visual quest — the wonderful colors, marks, and surfaces that mother nature shares with us, combined with
the spiritual depth that they often evoke in us.

I try not to be influenced by anyone stylistically, but of course I am, and I have my favorite artists, who tend to be expressionist. I find my way, wanting to keep my work as original as possible. I love the
magical moment of seeing something in a different light, in the same way that a poem or a movie story might do.


I live and work now in Matakana. From my studio, I have the wonderful joy of teaching, sharing my knowledge and experience, and seeing the world of art open up for others.

I have been painting, creating, dancing, choreographing wonderful scenes, or composing musical riffs from the moment I could walk —always off in my imagination.

Since gaining my arts degree in 1996, I have been a finalist in the Wallace Awards, Walker and Hall, and Telecom competitions, as well as conducting an International Residency in Barcelona.

My latest work was taken from shells collected on Omaha Beach which, although being everyday shells, I find very alluring and beautiful. Sometimes it is the everyday things that just remind us of what beauty nature presents us. There is something soothing in that everyday beauty. In a world that feels unstable, it is somehow comforting. Not just shells, they become our touch stones.

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